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One day, we were more fun to watch infotainment. There again discuss salaries soap opera actress. Wow! You gawk dengernya! Their salaries for one episode you wrote more than a year salary + bonus + allowance + Overtime. You went straight into the world thinking ‘entertain’ (ment) to be an artist. But the desire was immediately vanished when you ran into the same glass. “No need to dream deh!” you said dalem heart.
Along you were idly, watching soap operas that had been discussed as infotainment. There, you see, other than the names of the players, there is also the name of the producer and creator of the soap opera. “Well this is it!” thought you were. Maybe you can not be players, but certainly you could be making soap. That play aja paid that much, how are made. You took out a piece of paper and a pen, and started trying to write. But you are confused, start from where. Well this time MBDC present to provide important knowledge about anything that must exist in a soap opera, for you-you would-be writer / producer / director soap operas in the future. Come be listened to!
1. Catchy titles
The title should be catchy so that the potential audience would be interested in watching the soap opera for you. The title could be:
A word + Feed
Example: Flattered, Captivated.
You can make: Sink or fell
Name of The Main Leaders 
Example: Diamond, Nikita, Olivia.
You can make: Laquisha (ghetto girl main character), or K’ehleyr (main character girl Klingon). It can be improvised with Love added before the name of the main character, as Cinta Fitri, Love Flowers, and Nia Love.
The sentence is a soap opera theme Such
Example: The daughter who Comcast, Flowers on the roadside.
You can make: the swaying grass or ring does not fit .
The expression language Gaul
Example: I swear I’m Too Elo, Heartbroken? Capek Dech.
You can make: My girlfriend made ​​me aja ya lo, Ciyn! or bok Oh, drawstring gw ga asik nih stuck benjedh deyh! addition of 4, there are many other unique names that you can use. Release your imagination, do not let your creativity unleashed!
2. Protagonist Role
Starring protagonist is the main characters of the story you. They should consist of
Main figures Preferred A Girl 
She had beautiful, long hair, aged between 18-24 . Never the oldness. The main character was later adapted the same soap opera titles you. Find who has the ability to cry and crossed menye world-class, mostly because the main character’s story idupnya patron suffered. The main character is always look healthy, until then all of a sudden in the middle of season 5, he was diagnosed with leukemia penyankit. Or cancer what deh so cool. After that all of a sudden he was so weak and helpless.
The Love Interest of Main Leaders
That guy sepantaran or a little older. Handsome, tall, big, sporty car BMW convertible and preferred Indo-faced. If you want to use the native also may, but the audience usually prefer the indo-indo so.
Friend the Leader Home
It is free, usually girls. His role is the same boat my friend sepenanggungan. If the protagonist again apes, he usually got keapesannya although the level is not the same.Guys may also if you want to create a sort of romantic comedy story that the girl chasing guy idol, not dapet, continue realized that she in love with best friend cowonya. Is standard.
Prominent sissy
It is also no less important. The pansy is acting as comic relief that what he said nosy.Makin ngeselin the sissy, the better. The four figures above must be the core of the gang protagonist. Ditambahin some people may, for example, the protagonist friends were 2, continues the love interest also got chum / her bro him.
3. Role Antagonist
Why there is not no hero if his enemy? The function of the antagonist roles are obstructing the protagonists to achieve their goals, make their lives miserable, and the most important is: Creating Drama. If there’s no drama, which can be sold sinetronnya. Antagonistic roles usually in the form:
Boss Antagonist
This character is the main villain. Usually he took form as a Stepmom. It’s typical huh? But it’s wicked stepmother is always known, from the time of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel to the Angels. Keep going, it’s doing its job? Yes evil wrote so, make life difficult the protagonist and the gang in various ways.
VP antagonist
This is representative of the Boss antagonists. If his boss stepmother, his VP is usually the child’s birth. His job not much different from the boss, the main character makes life difficult and miserable, but still below the level of his evil boss. For example, if the child may just naro cockroach in her purse palace main character, the stepmother nyembunyiin alligator under the bed main character, the protagonist hopes eaten alive.
They are the loyal followers of the flow antagonist. They are men and the boss of his right hand obedient and loyal. Usually they take the form of a servant or a friend’s apartment the right hand. They are actually stupid, because they are usually just ngikutin doang command. It was like one-one, and ended up so backfire. If in the movie Power Rangers, this masked troops subordinates gebuk Lord Zedd who once defeated, but still wrote each episode appears. As a soap maker, you have to be creative. You may not unfettered same rules that already exist. Try to experiment, such as the boss of his antagonist was 2, my mother’s stepmother same boarding so fierce. Whew definitely plays really tuh.
4. Additional Roles

This is standard police thugs
These are roles that need to exist in the story, but the emergence of sometimes wrote that diperluin. As Sailormoon Tuxedo or masked in Phoenix Ikki Saint Saiya
Protective figures usually have the greatest authority and influence in the life of the protagonist. Even the role of the antagonist was shy and submit to him. Just unfortunately, the protector is usually busy (be doing), so I can every day there ngelindungin for the protagonist. Examples of role is the biological father of the main character, but often out of town service. Usually she will appear at the crucial moment, where the main character does not seem to already be safe again.
Spiritual Leaders 
Spiritual leaders are also occasionally wrote appearance, his job is to give the sermon, advice and sometimes a place to complain to the protagonist. For example, the main character abis whipped together boss antagonist. Keep on the main character was vague and crying in the street. After that he met at a spiritual figure who taught him to be patient, and all there must be reply. Keep on the main character was told to pray use voice-over in the dark room there is a spotlight midst of tears while crying.
Police / Doctors
Quite often there is the appearance in the soap opera’s two leaders. Police usually appear abis the role of antagonist illegal and want to run away. The police were the expression (less) convincing, would yell “STOP!” but the antagonist is still running. After that, because there was no other choice, the police also took his pistol and fired either which way.Because the magic bullet, the antagonist would definitely shot in the leg, then taken to prison. If doctors usually appear for delivering bad news, of course, the expression (less) convincing. Doctors will appear if the operation did not succeed / there who had cancer / disease already ketolong not anymore. The dialogue definitely starts with “We’ve been trying hard …”
Casts a New Home
Not infrequently, the soap opera story requires the main character to change his appearance drastically. Perhaps because of an accident or doused with acid antagonists same boss, the main character must face in plastic surgery, so that his face changed completely. Most artists do not like soap operas in operation till his face changed completely, to anticipate this, you need a new protagonist to replace the old main character.
It’s been used that much ah. Still want more? Patience dong. Furthermore ya next week.
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